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The bit that might trip up a new user is the partitioning bit.Open SUSE makes an attempt to suggest the best set up with regards to partitions that you might wish to use.Many of these distributions work on a niche of some kind by offering something the others don’t. These distributions set the trend that many other distributions follow and fork from. I have been using Open SUSE for the past week and the aim of this review is to determine whether it is a good alternative to Ubuntu.To download Open SUSE I went to the website and then looked at the rankings on the right hand side.) I've used Linux on the desktop since approximately 2001.I have used many versions of open SUSE since the project's inception, and I used Su SE Linux before that.Later on in the article I will show some more of the features of the KDE desktop.

It is of course possible to prevent the package manager attempting to update these packages.

The first run of Open SUSE displays a welcome message in the centre of the screen.

Generally speaking though the KDE desktop consists of a panel at the bottom, the desktop and a folder view at the top of the screen.

I've always appreciated open SUSE's flexibility and highly innovative infrastructure, but the profusion of "paper cuts" in the default configuration always made me think twice before recommending it to others.

The world of Linux is home to a plethora of Linux distributions. Open SUSE is a community distribution but has the advantage of having a big money sponsor (Novell).

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Whether you are using Windows or Linux you have to download the Imagewriter software and then use that software to write the image to the USB drive.