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Shawntae harris dating sites

I’m just so excited because I love these records I’m getting.

I’m working with a producer named Sixx from Ne-Yo’s camp and a producer named R. He does production for me and my crew and he’s amazing.

Da Brat is a first female rapper to go platinum which has received two Grammy Award nominations.

She is best known for her debut album Funkdafied (1994).

She was raised in two different households with her siblings as her parents were never married.

Actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy is her younger half-sister.

But when I’m performing or just, on the day to day, or in the streets, I’ll probably have my braids with my hat cocked to the back.” Though Da Brat hasn’t uttered a single word regarding her sexuality, many people have hypothesized her as a gay due to her actions and her attire.

As Jezzy, Brat will flex on the mic (as seen in the exclusive photo from the episode above) for a concert taking place at the prison Cookie called home for 17 years. I’m definitely going to put out the music that very same day. The platforms are just different, so I’ve been waiting in the wings for the right thing. So many blessings have happened to me and I’m so grateful.

When the show first started, I had DM’d Lee Daniels, because I know him from meeting him through Mariah [Carey] and we hung out at her New York place on top of the roof by the hot tub in the little Moroccan room, just enjoying each other. You should put me on the show and make me one of Cookie’s cellmates or an artist that’s trying to get signed to Empire.” He hit me back in October and said he was just seeing that and he wants me on the show. You'll be taking on the role of Jezzy, an inmate from Cookie’s past. Really anything Lee wanted me to do -- if I had to play a crackhead, I would've done it. Anything they needed me to do, I would have killed it, rehearsed it and did the best I could. Mariah Carey to Join 'Empire' Next Season, According to Lee Daniels Do you think fans will be able to hear you and Mariah reunite on a record soon? We’ve just been so busy because she’s just produced a Christmas movie. She’s in a new relationship, she’s happy, she’s got the kids going.

He actually ended up putting my song with Lil' Mo on the soundtrack. Did you look to any shows, maybe , to get inspiration for your character? Here's What Jussie Smollett's Mom Thinks of 'Empire'What did you learn from working with Taraji P. Oh man, of course, but she’s so busy and she’s got so much stuff going on. She’s just got a whole lot of things happening and so do I.

These days, people are no longer shy and afraid of the conventional thinking of their sexual orientation, and that might be the reason behind coming out of some celebrities. Some people feel like they know; some people feel like they wonder; and some people feel like they don’t know.

Likewise, there are some celebrities who like their fans and followers wondering about their sexual orientation. American rapper Da Brat has never opened up about her sexual orientation but has been found dating both male and female. So I probably will NEVER answer that question to make people keep on wondering.” “When I dress tomboyish, I don’t really consider it dressing like a guy.

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She has also participated in the fifth season of VH1 reality series Celebrity Fit Club in 2006.