Mortgage debt consolidating finance companies

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Buying your first mobile home should not be confused with trying to purchase with fair or poor credit.

Unfortunately, this term is normally used by consumers with less than perfect credit.

We may consider repossessions as long as the repossession occurred at least four years prior to application. Foreclosures appearing on your credit report are always cause for an automatic decline.

As a rule, a recent repossession will be considered as cause for an automatic decline.

We will, however, look at charged off accounts on a case by case basis.

What Are Acceptable Sources of Income if I'm Employed ? What Are Acceptable Sources of Income if I'm Retired? What are Acceptable Sources of Income if I'm Self-Employed? What Are Acceptable Sources of Income if I'm in the Military? Because an account has been charged off, we will not require that account be paid.

An applicant who is 20 years old, even though they have established credit, and paid their bills on time, would not meet our criteria because of the limited credit depth. We hear this question quite commonly and the answer is quite simple.

If you have always made your large purchases with cash, then continue by paying for your mobile home purchase with cash. It is your responsibility to check all three of your credit reports annually to check for inaccurate information. In the last few years, identity theft has risen to the top of the list. I have Unpaid Child Support Showing on My Credit Report, Can I get Financing? The year of the mobile home determines the maximum LTV or loan to value of the mobile home in question. The final determination if a 5% down payment will be sufficient will be determined by either an Advanced Book Value Report or an appraisal.

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How Are Accounts that have been Charged Off viewed? Finally the remaining 10%, truly use cash as an option of choice. We should be clear that a 5% down payment may not be acceptable in all cases.

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