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Droid weather app not updating

It has just passed a couple of weeks since the Galaxy S4 system dump was leaked on the net and our developers are already busy with porting the goodies from the S4 to other Android devices.

The latest development has popped up in the form of the successful port of the Galaxy S4 Launcher and Accu Weather widget to all Android phones with a Jelly Bean custom ROM.

Motorola may not be the first to usher in the era of modules (that would be LG), but they more than likely are the first to at least get it close to right.

Over the past week, we’ve spent time with both the Moto Z DROID and Moto Z Force DROID, the Verizon versions of Motorola’s new phones, to see if 1) they are any good at being high-end phones, and 2) if this Moto Mods deal is worth your attention and investment. Software Motorola continues to put forth one of the best software experiences on Android.

Install Galaxy S5 Accu Weather Widget on Samsung Galaxy & Other Android Devices Install Galaxy S4 Launcher And Accu Weather Widget On Your Android Device With Jelly Bean Install Transparent Accu Weather Widget on Your Samsung Galaxy S4Galaxy S4 Launcher: For XHDPI Phones: S4_Launcher_[XHDPI] By_Linq’z Qirls’For HDPI Phones: S4_For MDPI Phones: S4 Launcher By Linq’z Qirls’For LDPI Phones: S4 Launcher [ LDPI ] By Linq’After flashing the S4 launcher, wipe dalvik cache from “advanced” in CWM and then also flash the Accu Weather Widget from below: Galaxy S4 Weather Galaxy S4 Weather Transparent The following mods have been made by dr30ma from XDA.And on occasion, Android Auto might not work at all. These are the phones I absolutely recommend with Android Auto. The problem comes when a manufacturer does pretty much that interferes with the connection process. So if you want a phone that absolutely will work with Android Auto, get a Nexus. But at the same time, we've had phones like the Huawei P9 — something you can't even buy in the United States — work great. If you're just dying to know whether a phone works with Android Auto, you should check out our AA forums. This should come as no surprise, but Google's phones work best with Google's automotive initiative. Some phones (and these are a blessed few) turn into app installers once you plug in. I post every phone I test in there, and if I haven't tried it there's a chance someone else has. They're also more customized than just about anything out there. For Motorola, they think that could all change through modularity and the idea that a smartphone can be improved depending on the situation, thanks to swappable hardware.With the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, Motorola has introduced phones that are not only high-end devices with top-tier specs, they are also compatible with Moto Mods, a line of modules that attach to the backs of each via pins and magnets that could help improve an audio experience, battery life, etc.

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I took on the Moto Z, which you’ll find out all about below, while Tim has the Moto Z Force. Even though the company is now owned by Lenovo, they are sticking to the “pure” Android experience that delivers most of Google’s vision, then improves upon it with their Moto suite.

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