Chinese singer dating 12 year old

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Chinese singer dating 12 year old

So here's the problem with this situation: Why is this man allowed to openly flaunt his pedophilia/ephebophilia?(considering that they've been friends since she was 8 and started dating at 11/12 at the latest, it's borderline real pedophilia, not even ephebobilia).And the girl is from Canada and is half white/half Chinese on top of it! v=p Mx LVama Etw I thought love between an adult man and a 12 year old is abuse, and the girls can't feel love? But yes, it depends on the society you live i as to what is or is not acceptable. It is still unacceptable for women to even play sports at school.So why is she singing about how she's in love and will never leave him? - there are people trying to change this who actually give the advice on sharia law, so with a bit of luck this layer of opression may soon be lifted - but I doubt anywhere else in the world thinks it is wrong for a woman to play sports, or vote, or be treated like a human being, or be allowed to hold hands in public with their husband. I chose that particular thing because it's quite extreme and most people would think nothing of these things, but to them it's the norm.

That's great, so she only has to wait until the ripe old age of 16 to marry and have sex. That is unless they only have to wait until later this year, when she turns 14, which is the age of consent in China.The age for marriage and consent is going up in most of the developed world largely because we see women as equals and they are more and more often expected to live completely full lives in and of themselves.They can have any job or career and be responsible for their own welfare.Why is it for this guy pedophilia is not a fantasy, and why is he allowed to be open about his pedophilia and practice it publicly? They marry their children off early and whether they do anything as a married couple or not it doesn't change the fact they marry their children off young to wealthy older men. Which is he basis for the point I made in a recent post I responded to about normality and morality.I think this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. And no, the "elite" are not promoting pedophilia this is one guy who has a celebrity status in china.

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